Thursday, October 19, 2017

Casteel was went up 113 points from 12:30am to 8am…  She was only 150 at 12:30am. We think the new Humalog is working better.

Breakfast: 263

Lunch: 258 @ 12:00pm

2nd Lunch: 214 @ 4:00pm

Dinner: 166 @ 7:30pm

Bed: Will check around 1am

Mom did a great job with her braid this morning before school.

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  1. Hi! Casteel is absolutely adorable! Mom, I love the braid! I am 42 years old and have type 1 diabetes since age 9. I totally understand what it is like to go through the ups and downs of blood sugars, as I am very brittle. Although, I have struggled type1 diabetes, I am blessed to have two beautiful children who just started college. I am also an author and illustrator of coloring books and a teacher. Give Casteel a hug and let her know that Anna is on her team! I always say that, if we have diabetes we need to stick together! Sincerely, Anna Kyle

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    Welcome Anna! Thanks for the kind words. It’s always great to hear from others who are also Type 1 Diabetics. We’re hoping to build this blog into a tight knit group of people who want to share their experiences with Diabetes. From the sound of it, you’re doing great! 🙂 Are you two children also Diabetics?

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