The Diabetes Blog Money Making Experiment Month 1 – October 2017

Welcome to the inner workings of

Before we begin, let me introduce myself – my name is Kerry. I am proud to say I am the father of Casteel who is tough as nails even though she’s a Type 1 Diabetic.

A few months ago, my wife Kindra and I talked about experimenting with turning some of the DiaBEASTes traffic into dollars. I thought we could use the extra money to help pay for things like Casteel’s BD autoshields, test strips, insulin, etc. Kindra, being the centered and kind soul she is, thought the money would be better spent elsewhere.

We thought it would be fun and maybe even helpful if we gave everyone a sneak peak into the earnings coming from DiaBEASTes. The plan is to post total earnings once per month.

The total for month #1 in the “Diabetes Blog Money Making Experiment”? $0.05.

The only stream of income in October came from Google Adsense ads.  As you can plainly see by the amount of money generated from Google Adsense we have not had a whole lot of traffic to our blog yet.

Thanks for taking a peek at the inner workings of DiaBEASTes. We’re excited to learn more about creating an income from a diabetes blog. Every month we’ll check back in and share what we’ve learned, and in the meantime, please let us know if there is any information (traffic, specific analytics, additional resources) we can share that would be helpful or interesting for you to know. For now, please accept our invitation to join us in this venture!

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