Saturday, October 21, 2017

Casteel was 301 at 1:45am.

Breakfast: 263 @ 10am

Lunch: 226 @ 1:50pm

Dinner: 313 @ 6:45pm

Bed: Will check around 1am

Casteel getting ready for bed in her “Dream Tent”…

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  1. Hi Casteel! Hope your blood sugars get better. I started the day off with 345 and ketones myself. We are in it together Casteel! Dream tent that is awesome, I used to love making tents when I was a kid they were like having a clubhouse. My kids loved them too when they were a lot younger. I hope the fall festival was a lot of fun! Did you dress up? I would love to see your Halloween costume! Dad and Mom I would love to give Casteel a pdf download of both my coloring books that I am the author and illustrator of for free. Can you please email me at I think she would enjoy them all you need to do is print the pages and give her some crayons! Hope to hear from you soon! Sincerely, Anna Kyle

    1. Post

      Hi Anna! Casteel had a blast at the Fall Festival, but we didn’t dress up other than the Halloween themed clothing she was wearing in the photo. We will definitely post photos of her Halloween costume soon. Thanks for offering your coloring books. I’m sure Casteel will absolutely love them! 🙂

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