Saturday, October 14, 2017

Casteel was really high all day…  Her blood sugar was only 215 for breakfast.  We had Colton’s football game at 11am.  It was her friend Kennedy’s birthday today and Casteel had a cupcake at the game before we could test her blood.  At around 1pm at lunch she was 592!  Dinner was very high at 476…Bedtime blood at 10:30pm was still at 501!  We checked for keytones right after and she isn’t showing sign.  We’ll have to check her for keytones in the morning.

Breakfast: 215

Lunch: 592

Dinner: 476

Bed: 501

Blood sugars are way highest they have ever been since she was diagnosed as a diabetic.  Very odd…We’ll keep you updated with her numbers tomorrow.

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