How to Tell When Your Child is Low (and How to Get Them To Let You Know)

This may seem simple, but from our own experiences this has not been so easy.

In Casteel’s case, she doesn’t really show many signs when her blood sugar level is low (50-70).

We’ve been working with Casteel to let us know how she feels to see if there’s any symptoms that she can identify to let herself know when she’s low.

Casteel will typically complain that she’s tired and her legs are weak.

Every child is different and going low can effect everyone differently.

It’s best to talk to your child and ask them how they feel and see if there’s anything they refer to that becomes consistent each and every time they’re low.

Also we have found that the minute that Casteel is more active than normal, she drops very quickly.

So if you are having trouble with your child’s numbers being a bit too high, you may want to get them to be a bit more active than normal and see just how much that affects their blood sugar levels.

As far as Casteel is concerned as soon as she starts to run around a bit, playing basketball with Colton or riding her bike around the house she typically drops soon after.

We haven’t had enough experience yet with a T1D playing sports, but if what we’ve witnessed thus far is any indication we’re really going to have to keep an eye on her.

With the little bit of activity that Casteel gets right now, we’re a bit worried about how fast she will drop if she were to play organized sports.

However we plan on fully supporting Casteel with whatever activities or sports she decides to participate in.

We definitely don’t want to restrict Casteel from anything, well except for being an Airline Pilot or an Over the Road Truck Driver. 😉

Please comment below and let us know how you handle the lows and what symptoms your child experiences.



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