How to Deal with a Type 1 Diabetic Child who has a Sweet Tooth

There may be nothing worse than having a Type 1 Diabetic child who has a sweet tooth to boot!

Obviously candy and other “sweets” which are high in sugar content/carbs with little to no protein are a Type 1 Diabetic’s kryptonite.

But alas we cannot control our food cravings and for some it’s an addiction.

Our 11-year old son, Colton, likes sweets too, but does not crave the sweets anyway near how much Casteel does.

It’s always a challenge for us as she likes to eat and eat often mainly due to the idea that she’ll have a dessert after her meal.

So sometimes we feel like she only wants to eat to get her treat.

Often times she will have two separate lunches and two separate dinners in a single day.

When your child says they’re hungry are you supposed to say no?  Of course not, you need to feed them even if they’ve just eaten within a few hours…

We have gotten to a point where Casteel will only eat a few bites, claim she’s full, but then still wants her “treat”.

Since she’s only 5 years old we’re not sure if she’s confusing her appetite with boredom or if she’s truly hungry.  And the question remains how much does being a Type 1 Diabetic change your appetite?

It’s been a real struggle getting her A1C level down and we mainly blame her sweet tooth for it.

It’s also been difficult to get her blood sugars to consistently be in the 80-150 range.  We normally struggle to get more than one reading per day to be under 150.

Most days as you can follow along in her daily diary we are in the 200s and 300s.

We have recently made an adjustment to her numbers to hopefully keep her below 200.

Time will tell and we shall see how it goes.

Hopefully this blog post has given you a bit of comfort as you’re not the only parents of a Type 1 Diabetic child with a sweet tooth!

If you have any experience with this topic, please feel free to let us know how you handle your child’s sweet tooth. 🙂

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