How Do You Deal With a Type 1 Diabetic Child Who Wants to Eat More than 3 Times Per Day?

Maybe it’s just us and our daughter Casteel who likes to eat every couple hours.

But maybe not…

If your child is anything like Casteel, then you know the frustrations of having a type 1 diabetic child who craves to eat more than just 3 times per day.

And we’re not talking just adding in the three snack times (one snack between each meal) either!

No, no…We’re talking about eating a full carb load of food several times per day.

Are you experiencing a similar situation?

We don’t want to have to give her insulin 5-6 times per day.

But we don’t want to prevent her from eating either.

What to do???

This is relatively new for us, but Casteel has always been a “snacker” that’s for sure.

She absolutely loves food!

She can just eat, and eat, and eat…She never seems to be full.

She says she’s full after she eats a fourth, fifth, and even sixth meal…

But two hours later it’s, “Mom, I’m hungry!”

Like a broken record…

We try to say no, but you know how well that works?!

There’s only so many times you can say “no” and only so many times you can here her say, “Mom, I’m hungry!” without it driving you absolutely nuts!

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want to starve the child either…

But we need some advice from you to see if you’re also experiencing something similar to this or is it isolated to just Casteel?

So please comment below and let us know if A) you’re also going through this or B) nope your child eats 3 square meals per day. 😉

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