In the photo on the left above our then 3 year old daughter, Casteel, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in August 2016.

We initially thought she just had the stomach flu.  Although she had stopped vomiting, as days passed on she was not getting any better as you would expect.  Instead she was very larthargic and just wanted to sleep almost all day and all night.  After a couple days we started to get very concerned and took her to her Pediatrician who after a thorough examination thought it was best to order up a blood lab to rule anything out.

After the blood draw it took another day or two before our Pediatrician received the lab results.  We got the call that no parent every wants to get.  He said she had very high blood sugar levels and it meant one of two things: she either had Lukemia or she was Diabetic.  Thank the good lord it was the latter…

August 8, 2016 – As soon as we got off that phone call we rushed her up to Sunrise Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She was in full blown Ketoacidosis with her blood sugar over 450 for who knows how long…

We spent the next 7 days up there as it was our new home away from home.  We were completly overwhelmed with what had just happened to our daughter and at the same time we were getting hit hard with learning everything there is to know about Diabetes; including how to carb count, check blood, and administer insulin.

We would like to let you all know that the girl you see on the right in the photo above is doing just great!  Full of spunk and has an incredible zest for life.  Of course she has daddy’s sweet tooth!

We can’t thank the entire staff at Sunrise Children’s Hospital enough for all of their excellent care and making us feel at home.

At the time this had occurred we did not have any health insurance due to the extremely high monthly premiums (Thank you Obamacare!).  Luckily enough the hospital’s charity came to our aid and paid a significant portion of our hospital bills, however we were still left with a pretty hefty amount.

With that being said we’re looking for any help possible to get the remainder of our hospital bills paid off as well as receiving assistance to pay for Casteel’s monthly medical supplies including her diabetic test strips, BD autoshields, etc.

Our family has decided that we would like to give back as much as possible and by doing so we’ve started this blog at http://www.DiaBEASTes.com.  It’s a Daily Diary of the adventures of a now 5 year-old little girl living everyday as a Type 1 Diabetic who is tough as nails!

The name “DiaBEASTes” was a nickname she was given during her hospital stay.  Needless to say it fits her like a glove. 🙂

We have aspirations to make this new blog a great tool and resource for all parents and children suffering from this dreaded disease.  Our goal is to build a tight-knit community that can share information about various things which eacy family and child can benefit from.

We are also in the process fo developing an Android/iPhone app that will be like nothing anyone has ever seen yet.  It’s going to take carb counting and calculating insulin to a whole new level!  But we need your help to make that dream a reality.  So please join us on that journey as well.

Please share our GoFundMe page with as many people as you can.

Each donation of $25 or more will receive a complimentary official “DiaBEASTes” t-shirt.

Please donate whatever you can spare.

We appreciate and love you all!